Abstract: The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) is a flagship programme by the government of India started on February 2, 2006. As per the scheme, each rural household gets 100 days of guaranteed employment (unskilled work) every year. Although the major objective of this scheme is to provide livelihood security for rural households, it also facilitates the creation as well as maintenance of rural infrastructure, employment generation and reduces migration to cities and towns for work. This paper is an attempt to overview the performance of MGNREGA on employment generation, migration, disbursement of payments, average income etc., in Nalgonda district. To perform the objective of the paper primary data and secondary data has been analysed. The finding of the study reveals that MGNREGA play an important role in employment generation, the gap between the registered candidates and employed candidates can be found and its impact on migration through the sample survey in the Nalgonda district.

Authors & Affiliation: Mudavath Shiva Naik1 and Indrakanti Sekhar*1

1UCC&BM, Osmania University